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Re: Is there a Felt Mafia? Felt Bike Porn!!! [Engel] [ In reply to ]
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Engel wrote:
My apologies, perhaps the wrong choice of word. Essentially just converting it from an aero road bike to a full time tri set up.

Is there anything and reason to perhaps advise against that and what would the factors be?!
I'd advise against the ceramic speed stuff and either pocket the cash or put it towards something with a more significant speed benefit. But that's just me ;)

It might also be worth considering whether you'd be better off with either a shallower or deeper rear wheel than the 88. I got a similar pairing to that for my tri bike a while back (62.5mm front, 85mm rear) and have been very happy with it, but in retrospect either 62.5mm front and rear with a wheel cover as a disc option might have been a better choice. Reason being, any conditions where the 85mm is okay (which is always in my experience to date) would also be fine for a disc, which would be faster. Any conditions not okay for a disc would also not suit the 85mm rear, but a 62.5mm rear might be okay. Two 62.5mm wheels would also make a slightly preferable match for my road bike (although 62.5/85 is fine) and the cover is a minor extra cost to cover all the bases.
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