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re:DU nationals
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Hi ladies i posted this on another forum and got one reply, but wanted to know if any of you are doing it..
If so have you done it before and is it as competative as i have heard.
thanks in advance
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Re: re:DU nationals [sarahh] [ In reply to ]
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If you look at last year's results - you will see that people look crazy fast for the last 5k. Truth is the course was probably at least 3-5' (depending on your speed) short. Plus it was hot as Hades. The earlier heats ran the 10k course - which was just about spot on, but later heats had the course shortened because of the choo-choo train that decided to park itself in the middle of the course.

Run course is pretty easy (flat) but with lots of little turns here and there. Still nice though.

Bike course is technical 3 lap affair. It will not be fast, and there are plenty of little hills to torture you (plus you get to go over 2 bridges 2x in each loop.

Top 5-7 women are pretty competitive, but then the remaining field is your MOP and even BOP athletes.

It's a great event, and the post event refreshments great (beer, Chipotle, and Pizza, etc).

This year it's a 5k-40k-5k course instead - which should make the bike course that much more interesting.

Debi Bernardes

Owner, UCANDOIT Coaching Group, LLC
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Re: re:DU nationals [DebiB] [ In reply to ]
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thanks i have been looking, i plan on being up there with the top 5, so my training has been pretty intence, but, loving the challenge, its a challenge to get the 5k time down, but again i like the challenge, sounds like you know the course, i gather you did it?
thanks again.x
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Re: re:DU nationals [sarahh] [ In reply to ]
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I found Du Nats to be quite competitive. It would have been more fun if it weren't so darned hot then I would have hung around longer after the race. I'm going back this year. For me, it's only about a 3 hour drive away, so very do-able, even with a toddler.


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