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help me polish this idea
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a friend of mine is starting a screen prining company. she is hiring me on to do outside sales during the day and production at night.

i have this idea of approaching her and her partner with idea of sponosring me in the endurance arts.

get me a bike and some gear, i stop eating crap and get in shape. i pimp our buisness to promoters and local bike and run shops. wouldn't they want to do buisness with a brother in the sport?

i think it's smoove.

in even better news i have just bought 'the complete idiots guide to gramar and style' wish me luck.

customerjon @gmail.com is where information happens.
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Re: help me polish this idea [poser] [ In reply to ]
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If this is indeed a friend, then you can make the pitch. Be aware, however, that it may put the friendship on tenuous ground. Do the hawking anyway, and let them reward you with the bike and such when it pans out.

Some are born to move the world to live their fantasies...

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Re: help me polish this idea [poser] [ In reply to ]
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First, a self-centered question: I'm not sure how the different materials react to screen printing (cotton obviously being easy and cheap) but offering screen printing for wicking (dri-fit, dryline, coolmax, etc.) materials would be a really nice option for race shirts. What sort of challenges would go into such a change (from cotton to wicking)?

If there is a fairly simple solution I'd be interested in sharing it with RD's in races I'm a part of - since sometimes it seems that more feedback is all that is needed to improve things.

Any input you may have would be appreciated Mr. poser.

Second, thoughts on your idea: Perhaps rather than proposing the entire idea at once, you could go in phases.....start out having them give you shirts to race in that promote the company with info for RD's and such, maybe just staff a booth at race expo's - then see if they'll cover a couple entry fee's in the first season. If that seems to be going well, then you can see about other gear that they might sponsor and allow you to promote them (start small like water bottles and shorts, then move into aero bars, seats and bikes). This shows them that as the business grows, your part in promoting the business can grow as well. It also allows them to feel like they can reward you with bigger and better things in response to your continued results.

Just my opinion - sometimes asking for everything at once can scare folks off, but if you only ask for a small part it gets your foot in the door.


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