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Wanted: Anthony Travel Event Coordinator
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Event Coordinator: Endurance Team. Dallas, TX.

This is an entry level position with primarily responsibilities in coordinating operational and sales efforts related to our various endurance events (domestic and international marathons, road races, and triathlons). Key characteristics that this individual must possess are strong understanding and proficient skill in: project/task organization, expressive and listening communication, customer service, and computer application (especially Microsoft Excel). This person must also have an impeccable attention to detail and the ability to work with a team toward common goals with handling multiple tasks and projects. While not required, a general knowledge of “endurance” events and the logistics of travel are preferred. This person should be sports-oriented, demonstrate a desire to learn and grow, and offer ideas and suggestions to streamline processes/events.

This position will demand a moderate amount of travel, including some travel over weekends during events.

Please email resume and cover letter with salary requirement to employment@anthonytravel.com. Subject line should read: Endurance Event Coordinator Resume Submission.
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