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How did y'all do? May 18
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Goals for Last week:
1) Complete all workouts as written -- Done. Most felt good. Although I pushed the pace a bit on my long run and paid for it a bike on my long ride. I need to remember that long run paces serve a purpose.
2) Don't complain too much about the 3 mile TT I have at the track this week-- Track workout got canceled and rescheduled with a different group so I didn't end up needing to do a 3 mile TT but did some 400s instead. I didn't complain and was surprised that it didn't suck. While "not sucking" maybe not be the outcome of how a workout went for most people, for me on the track it is a huge step. I even did a VO2 max test without too much complaint.

And it wasn't a goal but I got on the scale this week and was down almost 4 lbs since i last weighed myself 2-3 weeks ago.

Goals for this week:
1) Survive the Triple T!! And as an added bonus finish all races faster than last year.

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Good luck at Triple T!

Last week:

* Follow training program. Mostly done. Missed a couple of workouts due to big work project.

* Increase daily water intake. Still working on, but getting better. Managed hydration really well over the weekend racing in 95F temps.

* Start organizing papers that I've had sitting around for way too long. Done.

* Saturday sprint tournament--good time in the flying 200m, then try some new things in the 1-on-1 sprints DONE!

* Sunday track racing--score some omnium points. DONE DONE DONE! 5th place in the omnium which means some upgrade points.

This week:

* Race well and rest well. Racing Tuesday night track, Friday night track, Saturday TT, Monday crit.

* Stay on top of nutrition and hydration.


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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Last week: 3 rides (1 trainer at lunch - done; 1 hill climb at lunch - did the hill climb as part of ridig to & from work; 1 150k+ ride on the weekend - 140k on the tribike, done); 3 masters swims (only 2 - still finding some days sleep is more important); 4 runs (1h10 with intervals - done; hilly 10 miler - possibly extend to 13miles if I can get the time - done but only 10mi; and two ~50m aerobic runs not done). Aim for 15-18hrs. Ended up with 12hrs. Less than I wanted but my runs and rides felt amazingly good.

This week: three rides (1 trainer at lunch; 1 hill climb at lunch or as part of ride2work; 1 4-5hr LSD ride); three masters swims (yes I *can* do this!!!); three runs (1hr+ hilly run; 1h+ aerobic with intervals; 30min+ off the bike). Three weeks til Oliver 1/2IM, so this week and next will start to shift to higher intensity intervals, and last long ride (next week, the long ride will drop to 3hrs with higher tempo).


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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Not a great week...

Swim 3x - Swam 2x
Bike 4x - Biked 3x
Run 4x - Ran 3x
Weights 2x - Lifted 1x
Hmm, came up 1 short on each one. Bleh. Did great during the week, but the weekend killed me. The 3.5 hr trainer ride sooo did not happen with DH out of town & me alone watching the 3 and 1 year olds all day. But we survived the weekend and hopefully next weekend will go better.

And lose 2.5 lbs more. - sort of. back where I started, so technically I did lose 2.5 pounds, just not an additional 2.5

Next week's goals:
Follow the plan
Don't procrastinate getting the house ready for guests this weekend b/c that will cause me to miss my workouts.

Weight down to XX5
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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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My only goal was to race well, and I did - won a local sprint tri for the women's division, and was second overall. :-)

totals: 5k swim (2x), 8:30 bike (6x), 47 mi run (6x), 60 min yoga (1x)

will get back to you on goals for this week :P I've been enjoying yoga more than anything else as of late, actually.

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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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mind if i join? :)

monday - good LSD run, longest yet (11.7km), despite sore right foot from wearing old, stupid running shoes to go for a walk the day before.

tuesday - good 40min lifting session followed by some quality drills in the pool (1,600m)

wednesday - not great hills run (6.95km), but got through it. realised i was under hydrated and fuelled, and will try not to do that again.

thursday - very cool late-night MB ride on unlit backcountry roads (20km). not the safest thing in the world, but i enjoyed it!

friday - solid 80min lifting session. didn't wimp out on stability ball workout.

saturday - farted around with brand new tri bike, and did a decent tempo run (8.65km). would have liked to have got another workout in, but just didn't have time.

sunday - excellent experience-building ride on tri bike (20km). again, would have liked to get another workout in, but no time.

today i kicked some ever-lovin' arse! did 2,500m in the pool of just straight, mid-pace freestyle, then ran 13km home from the pool. went out for a little tootle on my mountain bike (hubby suggested the ride, but will not allow me to use my tri bike if we're riding together since i usually leave him behind even on the MB) for a coffee this evening.

a good week for me :)

goals for week coming: back to regular schedule, starting with lifting & pool tonight, proper hill work wednesday, a longer ride thursday, good lifting friday, tempo run & ride saturday, and actually make it to the pool sunday morning since i don't have a holiday monday to make up for missing it :p


-mistress k

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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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This week: Recover. Kinda done. I've got to get my legs back under me. Not sure how to get the recovery back on track without feeling too lazy. Kinda done - I'm good with lazy. Still keeping a close watch on my back for lingering injury. Still no major - just some sore still. Bike should arrive tomorrow - get it built and get on it! Need to start rebuilding the confidence on the bike and get comfy with the new beast. Done - still need some small adjustments - have already lowered seat a tad and leveled the bars. Would like to be able to run by the end of the week. Not done. Also need to log some time in the pool. Not done. Need some quality time working on the house and the yard and some admin stuff. Semi-done - rocked the yard work! Next weekend: no stress - plenty of sleep. Done - yard work, relaxed 2hr ride, quality hockey.

The new beast - Luc. This was prior to some adjustments, so things look a bit odd. (Not my car, there's not even air in the tires yet, the bars are still weird and yes, it's in the little ring...) I just had to share the new baby!!

This week: Ride. Get out of the house and run. Eat right. Cook something healthy. Enjoy the holiday weekend. No stress.

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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Bike - 90 miles. climbing big hills and haven't crashed yet (good). Bike handling skills and confidence slowly improving. Looking forward already to testing myself in Lubbock, TX at the end of June.

Swim - 6.000 yds. feeling a little faster than last week. Getting air during quick sets is slightly easier and am going faster with the same effort.

Run - 18.3 miles. Don't feel much improvement here yet. No IT band problems, though.

This week: 100 miles bike; 7,500 yds swim; 25 miles run

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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Goals for Last week:
Swim x2 : 2
Run x2 : 1
Bike x3 : 3
Weights x3 : 3
* only missed one run - which isn't bad. I just really need to be more "gung-ho" about my running and biking. (And less wussy about wanting to sleep in and such.)

This week I am going to try to do:
Swim x2
Run x3
Bike x2
Weights x3
* fewer bik rides because I have to take it to the LBS for some minor repairs and upgrades (I am totally not a bike person, and I figure it is worth the extra money to have someone do it right).

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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Hit all my workouts last week. Got lots of sleep. Got morning resting HR down to 48 by the day before my race. Ate generally well. Limited the booze to two glasses of wine last week. Lost 2 pounds.

Main goal for the week was speed in my duathlon yesterday. My goal for this summer is to hit sub 5:00/km in both my runs and get over 30 km/h on the bike and have both transitions under 1 minute. I can easily hit those run/bike speeds in stand-alone events but last year I barely got close in any du's. Richmond VA a month ago was challenging due to the heat, so speeds were all off.

In this du, I did Run 1 in 4:49/km, T1 in 1:09, Bike in 28.9km/h on a very hilly course, T2 in 0:51 and Run 2 in 5:06/km. Easily the fastest speeds I have hit in a duathlon. It gives me confidence that my <5/<1/>30/<1/<5 goal will be hit this summer :)
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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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I think it is about time I jump back in on this after about a 4 month hiatus.

I haven't had goals probably since the last time I posted. In December, I was working out a ton and eating right, but thanks to my stupid stomach, I dropped to 112 lbs (I'm 5'7). When I went home from winter break, my parents freaked and kept feeding me. That started a vicious cycle of eat a lot, feel too crappy to work out, get depressed, eat more, feel crappier ...but I finally think I am pulling out of that rut. My weight is holding steady between 127-129, but I would rather get it back down to 118-120. My eating is going better than it has in a while with regards to food quality. I think I got all the candy/chips/junk cravings out of my system by subsisting on that crap for the past few months. I've started working out more days a week than not, and it is starting to feel fun again. I will not let UC run my life!!!

Sooo...my very modest goals for this week:

-Workout every day. The past two days, I have made it to the pool to swim before work and it has been wonderful. I'm looking forward to riding my bike with the boy-toy when he goes running this weekend.

-Stay busy and happy. Felipe had to move back to T-town for summer classes, so I'm home alone during the week. I have a tendency to turn into a sad slug when he is gone, and this needs to stop!

-Make a good dinner every night. I've got breakfast and lunch down ...I just need to steer clear of the mac'n'cheese (yes, the blue box) and have a little fun cooking in the evening.
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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [instigator] [ In reply to ]
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Let's see......

1. follow taper program to a "T"
2. use extra time to get some rest
3. prepare mentally for first post-surgery race
4. go to Memphis, do my best, be satisfied with results and have FUN with my athletes!

I think I did pretty good.......finished up the week with an AG win in Memphis and had a great time.

This week's goal is to recover and then prepare for Deuce's Wild. AZ,I'm coming home!! :-D


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Re: How did y'all do? May 18 [gleveq] [ In reply to ]
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Not bad. I survived a very tough training weekend with friends and got in a 70 mi ride and 4 mi run, then the next day did a 3rd swim for the week (2900 yd) and an 8.5 mi run in nasty weather (30mph wind and rather gloomy and cold) and a shorter bike ride on Sunday.

Last week went OK. This week should really be better, as all my classes are over and the training can really blast off.
This weekend I'm taking a friend on her first 50 mi ride. Whee! She did 40 last week on her 40th b-day. That was her longest ride yet.
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