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Help Wanted : Intense Demo Tour
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We are looking for someone to run the Intense Demo Tour. We feel the best way to sell people on Intense Bikes is to get them on one of our frames on their favorite local trail. We are committed to putting our demo fleet in front of as many potential Intense riders as possible this year. In order to make the demo tour successful we need the right person to manage and staff it. The ideal candidate will be, highly motivated, well spoken, organized and have some mechanical ability, in order to maintain the demo fleet. The position will require extensive travel but will offer the opportunity to ride the best bikes in the world in the best mountain biking spots in North America. Interested candidates should email a resume to
Paul Cusick
Director Sales and Marketing
Intense Cycles
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Re: Help Wanted : Intense Demo Tour [paul cusick] [ In reply to ]
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Have you found somebody t run this for you? If not, please email me at prkbikes@bellsouth.net and lets talk about it.


Peter Koskinen
Chapel Hill, NC
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