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I'm available: Biotech/MechEngr/SiteLead/Consulting
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Undergrad in Mechanical Engineering with most experience in large scale industry installation, commissioning and maintenance projects of $55+ million USD. Controlled and managed warranty work budgets of $2 million USD. Created contribution margins routinely over 55%. Supervised onsite engineers and responsible for EHS training and monitoring.

Master degree in Biotechnology with experience in biopharmaceutical pilot plant producing drugs for Phase I & II clinical trials. Led study for culture and production of biopharmacuetical in wave bioreactors while also working on new capital equipment project that resulted in $50,000 approval for continuation.

Worked on consulting projects in the biotech industry for medical imaging and biofuels.

Previous co-operative education experiences ranged from manufacturing design, materials science R&D, civil engineering/construction, and business project management involving bid evaluations for facility renovations.

US Citizen -- able to work for any US company. Lived and worked overseas at European and Asian locations.

Willing to relocate. Available almost immediately.

Gnothi Seauton.
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