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Question for food loggers/trackers
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As a way to get serious about losing those last few pounds and the recommendation of so many of you here, I signed up for a free 7 day membership of calorieking. I have been tracking my food for just about 4 days and have a couple of questions for you. Calorieking has a little denotation of the bottom of the page that lets you know if you are eating too much or too little fat, carbs, and protein. I believe it is based on a ratio of 20-30% fat, 40-60% carbs, and i don't know what for protein (as I am usually ok in the section). Anyhow, each day it says my carbs and fats are too high. However, most of the fats I eat are from eggs, avocada and nuts. And the carbs come mainly from fruits and veggies as I try to eat a modified paleo-diet as I find I recover better and generally feel better staying away from processed carbs. So I am not eating a ton of bread, fried foods, etc. But in the end, my calories are in check.

I guess my question is how worried should I be that my fat and carbs are coming back as listed high? Or do I just worry about calories in and out? If I should worry about fat and/or carbs, anyone have a good snack suggestion that is high in protein but low in fat?

Thanks and guess I need to revisit all of those nutrition books I bought a few years back.
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I try not to pay too much attention to my ratios because calorie counting already has me in the mad house. That said, I do pay attention to my protein intake. The way I see it, as long as my protein consumption is where it needs to be then my fat & carb intake should fall into the range of where they should be.

I know I'm promiscuous, but in a classy way
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