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Re: For the girly docs out there... [RockyMtnChic] [ In reply to ]
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Ok this cracks me up. I signed up for IMCDA in 2006, one month later found out I was actually 3 months (almost 4) prego. You're young, healthy, I say wait until you get the confirmation test done before you start taking anything.
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Re: For the girly docs out there... [RockyMtnChic] [ In reply to ]
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there is NO reason for you to go on prometrium. Whilst not harmful why they heck does she want to put you on progesterone without any history of low progesterone, luteal phase defect nor miscarriage???

your thyroid levels need to be checked, your levothyroxine dose will go up during pregnancy - you need to check at least every trimester....



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Re: For the girly docs out there... [RockyMtnChic] [ In reply to ]
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So there was a thread a week or 2 ago - talking about race refunds for pregnancy... and it seems to be true that the best way to get a big fat + sign is to sign yourself up! Completely shocked, but it seems as though I may just be prego. Talked to my doc today, and without any bloodtest yet (couldn't get one today, will have to wait until Tuesday and Friday probably) she wants to put me on Prometrium (I'm also on Levoxyl 112 and just quit taking bromocriptine)... does this sound normal to go gung ho without a blood test done yet? Or should I just wait until I get the blood taken Tuesday and get the results before I start taking anything... no history of miscarriage, first pregnancy, 33 years young, tried for 1 year (well, 11 months and 2 weeks to the big +). Any thoughts?
Does that mean a question for docs that take care of "girlys"----or for girls that are docs----or both.
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