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Re: Blood clot - the pill ---TTT [CatIsTriing] [ In reply to ]
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Yeah, I'm way not thrilled about using any type of estrogen. But, the stress of having a disabled parent with dementia living with my family and requiring constant care was (is) so overwhelming that my coping truly was stretched to the limit, and the hormone issues were pushing me over the already-thin edge. My GP was less than thrilled, but my ob/gyn has been really thorough in watching for any areas of concern, and I of course become neurotic any time my leg feels funny or I'm having a little trouble getting air. Earlier portions of the ESTHER study indicated that low-dose bioidentical transdermal estrogen doesn't increase clotting even in women with Factor V Leiden, which I don't have, so that makes me feel a little better. I do worry about it, though.

My doctor accounts for the clot risk with the birth control patch as resulting from the high doses of that "synthetic crap." I so want to believe that.

Thanks for the concern.
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