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I am 42 and have been a triathlete for a long long long time I mean a long time LOL
I am have been a personal trainer for over 20 years and a single mom of two very wonderful athletic boys
the reason I tell you all this is becuase I am having a problem with recovery and I wanted you to know a little about me

I got that dang flu on March 10 and I am still having a hard time
My heart rate is about 10 BPM higher than normal and I am freeking tired

I take a multi, my oils, and DHEA

I eat very healthy, drink tons of water and drink maybe a couple of beers a month

I just wanted to see if anyone else is the the same recovery rut as I am in!

Does anyone take creatine??????

Suggestions and questions are welcome!

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Are you sleeping enough? I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject lately and EVERYBODY says get lots of sleep. 8-9 hours a night and a nap if you can. I love the middle of the afternoon nap! :)

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Re: Recovery [trichic] [ In reply to ]
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I was sick a few weeks ago and went to the dr. She told me to to be surprised or alarmed if it lasted 4 to 6 weeks. Luckily for me I was back to 100% in about a week, however I think her point was that the flu that went around this year was really nasty. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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Re: Recovery [trichic] [ In reply to ]
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well hi twin!(almost) I'm 43, have been in triathlon since 1983, have been a personal trainer since 1987 and i have 2 boys ages 9-11 and am still married.
With that said, I would take a look at your training schedule and be realistic about just how sick you were (chances are you were more sick than you admit?) that's me anyway...
How many hard workouts are you doing in a week? do you have an overall plan for training and racing?
It's been 3weeks since the 10th so after about 5weeks if you're not feeling better go back to the doc
SLEEP is a biggy- I try to get a nap in even if it's just 15 mins, not a deep sleep but good enough and I get 9-10hrs of sleep at night.
Did you loose weight being sick?sometimes its harder to recover when you add in weight loss/dehydration from being sick to a regular training schedule once you are feeling better so give yourself some more time.
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Re: Recovery [Snap!] [ In reply to ]
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We were seperated at birth!!

I have been doing tris since 1989
I have been a trainer since 1984
and I have two boys ages 9 and 11!
We could so be BFF's!!!!

you guys have made some great points
I do sleep, I am a sleeper
I get 6.5-8.5 hours a night and take naps as often as possible

I lost 4 lbs that week and had to force feed myself for a while becuase I had no appetite
Imagine a female TRYING to gain weight LOL

I do think I might have been sicker than I admit but we are invicible!
I believe that when healthy extreme women like us get sick it hits us much harder because we are so intune with our bodies

I have to run 10 today in the dang Oklahoma wind so we will see how it goes
Thanks everyone!

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