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"epic" training week
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I need some advice...

My wife's family vacations in Minnesota every summer for 10 days. I have to go. The vacation falls exactly 4-5 weeks before Vineman IM, in which I'll be participating. Its an ideal location for training. Beautiful crisp clear lakes, long deserted rolling hill roads and a fairly long dirt running path. I'm planning my own "epic" week, partly because I love to train, partly in preparation for Vineman and partly because I will have LOTS of time, which is normally in short supply. I plan on spending 4-6 hours a day training (broken up with a day or two of rest, lots of napping and a handful of "quality" workouts). I know that for some of you animals this might be normal, but I'll be going from 12-15 hours a week, up to 30+, but just for the week. I'll cut back if I can't handle it, but I'm planning on going as big as I can.

It sounds fun, but is it a bad idea? Any other helpful advice?
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Re: "epic" training week [keyster] [ In reply to ]
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as you long as you have fun doing it, it's a good idea. check my post on gordo's forum, my training week is there with some comments and Gordo has added other comments.
my week was in the upper 30 (39).

key things
-hydration and nutrition are crucial
-quality of sleep
-stretching and if possible massages will help a lot
-I would focus on riding more as it is less risky injury wise than running, and I guess you didn't have 90km of swimming in mind :-)
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