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Buying a Second Wetsuit
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I really hope this doesn't come across as an idiotic question. I've deleted the post a few times already. Amnesty please!!!

There are some amazing sales on wetsuits right now, in case anyone hasn't noticed. I have been thinking of buying a second wetsuit for training purposes. I already have a nice wetsuit that I take good care of. I was wondering if there is merit to buying one that I can use any old time, not have to be so delicate with it, something I can stuff in a backpack or whatever. And of course at the 11th hour if anything happened to my good wetsuit I'd have another.

No chance I'd get anything but another full sleeve though -- I wear wetsuits because I"m always cold! So it's not even that i'd like to "try" a sleeveless....I need all the warmth I can get.

Anyone here have more than 1 wetsuit?
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Re: Buying a Second Wetsuit [WeRide] [ In reply to ]
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If you can afford it there's certainly nothing wrong with having a backup... but there are a few things to consider:

~Will you be buying the same suit as your primary, or another one? If the fit is significantly different that may change your "feel" for wetsuit swimming come race day.
~You're still going to have to be careful with it. This ain't no dive suit (and even those I'm careful with) - leaving it in the trunk of your car in August will still be a bad thing, and if you leave it wet in the bottom of your backpack for a week after an ocean swim, you might be scared to put it on again.

Peace of mind is very important, and if having a backup helps settle you down, I say go for it.

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Re: Buying a Second Wetsuit [Khai] [ In reply to ]
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 I actually have two wetsuits. Different brands and they fit a little different. I have that horrible disease called "Like Food" So one of them is for when I'm less big, and one for when I'm big. Having a second wetsuit is good if you can afford it. If you have the cash... go for it
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