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WTB: UCI base bar for track
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I had spare TT bike parts for a little thing I'm working on, but a seized bolt just wouldn't give up. Drilling it out I ruined the spare bar.

I'm looking for something that has a UCI legal profile and would most likely fit the Aeria Ultimate stem width wise. I own the alloy Aerocoach UCI legal high hands extensions and the carbon wing arm cups and some 15 deg spacers. So really just need something that has a straight pursuit bar grip (you're not on that for long) and the kind of stack adjust where you add spacers and change the bolt length. I don't want something where the extension risers clamp to the round section. I can't stand those as every I've ever owned twist at some point. The risers should come up from the basebar wing itself.

I liked the Selcof/PlanetX bar that I ruined, but doubt the wing near the stem was legal ratio.

Looking to spend $200 or less. Doesn't need to be pretty. I don't need a stem, don't need shifters, don't need or want brakes.
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