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quad tendonitis help
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I was diagnosed with quad tendonitis last week. I've been in pain for about a month. I have it above both knees, from riding with the seat too low. I tried swimming, but kicking hurts as well. I've been resting it as much as I can. It hurts most when I'm sitting with my legs bent (like at my desk), driving, going up and down stairs/hills.

For those who have had it, what ultimately helped for you, and how long did it take to heal?
Did you find that stretching helped or hurt? What about ice, ibuprofen, graston etc. helped?
Many thanks!
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Re: quad tendonitis help [mollyrun] [ In reply to ]
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I've never had that particular tendonitis, but I'd encourage you to get a foam roller and roll out your quads, IT bands, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. I think foam rolling is more helpful than stretching. Graston should be helpful too. Keep us updated!

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