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Riding/Swimming in Taipei
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Doing IMSR early May, and while my first instinct is to say f no, I'm considering tagging along on a family vacation to Taipei in April (my choice of 10-14 days in April, not sure where in Taipei exactly). Wanted to get some ideas of whether training is generally possible. I see lots of pools in the city - any particular recommendations?

For riding, maybe bring my shoes/pedals and rent a road bike to ride around somewhere? No idea if that's doable or not. Unless there's some cycling studio where I can do real workouts or something.

I assume running would be best done on a treadmill somewhere in an AC'd gym, given busy city and climate. Let me know if you have comments/suggestions, please.
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Re: Riding/Swimming in Taipei [friskyDingo] [ In reply to ]
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I was last there maybe 15 years ago, so this might be out of date, but -

There are multiple parks around the city. You can lay out a route and run from park to park. Be super careful when you have to be on city streets, but it's worth it. Go first thing in the morning and you'll see loads of individuals and groups out doing tai chi, walking, jogging, wielding swords and staffs, etc. A lot are elderly folk who are still in pretty good shape and graceful with it.

I wouldn't attempt cycle training. There are (were) lanes for cycle commuters, but you don't want to be among them and being in the traffic lanes looked really risky. There is a cycling community there, you'd have to research where they meet up and how to rent a bike. I assume they ride somewhere away from the city.

There are public pools and some hotels have them. It seems that you can pay to swim in a hotel pool even if you're not staying there. It is mandatory to have a swim cap. I swam in a few in both Taipei and the mainland. Way different from US - the people that are there to swim will all be swimming the circumference of the pool (lap pool in the literal sense). Trying to swim in a lane (and there are usually lane lines) just annoys the shit out of everyone. I did it once, and realized I was being a dick. Give up on the 20 x 400 on the 5:00 and just fall in. Against the wall is the slow lane, pass toward the center of the pool.

Have fun


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Re: Riding/Swimming in Taipei [ergopower] [ In reply to ]
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Whoa, that's great to know, thank you! The swimming sounds bizarre:) But at least they wear swim suits, I should hope (unlike in Finland:))
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