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Ok, so what do we think of the prototype 3ax pedals?
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I am intrigued and feel they could be more substance than gimmick.

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Re: Ok, so what do we think of the prototype 3ax pedals? [Dave Luscan] [ In reply to ]
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me too, sorta-kinda. A little different than the Nikola concept, but I find it confusing when they say 'allows your foot to tilt sideways', only describing the metatarsal-phalangeal area. For some riders more support of the subtalar joint (ie, stiffer arch support) works better to control pronation.

here are some interesting metrics on the pedal itself...
Stack height: 13.2 mm (excl. cleat)
Distance from centre of the spindle to lowest part of the pedal: 11.5 mm
Length: 95 mm
Pedal width (housing, ex. spindle): 54 mm
Pedal width (incl. spindle): 93 mm (yowza! Holy Stance Width!)

this info taken from http://www.thegearcaster.com/...t-tilt-sideways.html

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ABBikefit, Ltd
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