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Watching the Tour religously. Every now and then the old bike coach in me needs to say something. Last night Talansky was inspiring. Andrew showed amazing grit. However, his team should have reconfigured his bike to take pressure off is back by raising his stack height and shortening his stem. He would have been much less stressed on the bike.
BIKE FITTING IS NOT A ONCE A BIKE THING. Bike should be adjusted to meet the needs of injuries, racing and training. Now it's time for me to get off my high horse

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Couldn't agree with you more! But when Bike Fitting butts up against Ego, you know what happens. :)
It's The Code: the stem MUST be slammed, or you simply aren't a Pro.

Anne Barnes
ABBikefit, Ltd
X/Y Coordinator
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Things are changing slowly but you're right.
You must ! also know that very few team have the bike fitter in the team for the TDF. They think the job is done well before and that's all. So when the TDF is on the road .... no change

Joel Steve
Fitter for the French Triathlon Federation
Fitter for AG2R Pro Cycling Team
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