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Stolen Bikes...please keep an eye out for them
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Monday, April 16, 2012
[/url]To Catch A Thief
Hello Great Friends - We have all been the victims of theft at some point so please read the post below and then keep your eyes open. Please forward to anyone you know who rides and anyone you know who works at a shop. They will likely show up on Craigslist or e-bay at some point.

Think twice about how your bikes are secured and copy down the serial numbers. Times are tough so shitheads are everywhere. If you see these bikes or hear anything please call the police at once.

This happened in the high desert - 90 minutes from you!

Here is the info about my bikes that were stolen out of my Garage on early Morning hours of 4/15/12. They broke into my garage while my wife and I were sleeping. They Broke into a window on the door, stood on a large Decorative Rock that was in our front lawn to reach and release the garage door from the opener itself. We didn't have a pull string release on the doors as I removed them a couple of weeks back after a similar situation happened to a rider that lives about 20 minutes away from me in Phelan. This happened to him about 2 months ago.

This is a pro job. They twisted off all of our lights outside to make it dark. All they went for were my bikes and Wheel sets. I had 2 motorcycles, our 2 cars, countless tools and Motorcross equipment in there also and they passed it up just for the bikes. They even moved my Motorcross bike just to get to my Trek Top Fuel 9.9 that was leaning beside it and the wall. Here is the info.

2012 Pinarello Dogma 2....White/Black/Silver SN#2AA5300980215

My Dogma has a couple of paint chips on the Lower Drive side Chain stay. On on the side and one underneath. Tried touching them up with some white paint but still fairly noticable to the eye when looking up close.

Has a Selle Italia Flite Flow Carbonio Saddle, White Bar Tape with Full Di2 Group and Sprinter shifters on the Drops. FSA SL-K light cranks. MOST Talon WHITE integrated Carbon Handlebars and stem. Look Keo Blade Carbon Ti pedals. They also took with it my Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheels that were on the bike at the time.

They also took my Mavic Cosmic SLR wheelset that was sitting on the Bike rack behind the Dogma.

2012 Trek Top Fuel 9.9 Mtn Bike.....White/Red/Black SN# WTV251T024H

Full XTR Group, RXL Black Carbon Bottle Cage, XTR Pedals, Bontrager XXX lite Full Carbon Wheels. Pretty much stock from there.

2010 Pinarello FP7........Blue/Black/White......Waiting for the Serial number from ARB4U as it wasn't listed on my Receipt.

White Look Keo Classic Pedals, Full Shimano Dura Ace Group including the wheels.

Please please please spread the word. We are thinking we were picked out from someone or a pro crew scanning through local FB Bike Club pages, getting our info and even following us to our meeting points during rides and following us back home afterwards. We were in Vegas for the Tour De Cure from Thursday Night to Early Saturday evening when we got back. My WIfes FP7 and my Top Fuel were still in the garage while we were away. We think they waited for me to come home with my bike and decided to take a chance while we were sleeping. Very scary actually that these guys have the balls to do this while we were at home.

Anything helps. Thanks

Jason and Emily Conley


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