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Biking/Running Performance Analytics Web Application: Feedback Wanted!
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Hi Tri Forum Posters,

I have been working on bike/run performance analytics website for a couple of months. http://www.inorgperf.appspot.com/ .

Currently, it lets you do two things:

i. Upload multiple sets of training data ( ".tcx" files ) and shows you "Up-hill slope vs. Speed" data for all the data sets. This lets you look at performance improvement over a season of training.

ii. For each ".tcx" file it lets you analyze performance as you climb multiple up-hill stages over a single training session.

This is something that I have been working on in my spare time, so there might be some rough edges, but all in all it should work as advertized.

I would really appreciate any feedback on whether this sort of analysis is useful in training. -- What additional breakdowns would be useful? I will work on adding those to the website.

Thanks for reading.
-rahul (rks@inorg.org)

P.S: Needs atleast Internet Explorer version 10 or use a Newer version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera. Here is a screenshot!

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