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NYT article on athletic performance and the monthly cycle
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It's been discussed here a lot, and even some in the main forum. Interesting article in the NYT today about it. Basically says estrogen levels don't play a role in strength and endurance.


But “endurance performance was not influenced by the phase of the normal menstrual cycle” or “the synthetic menstrual cycle” of those on oral contraceptives, the authors of these new studies write. Consequently, women “should not be concerned about the timing of the menstrual cycle with regard to optimized, sport-specific endurance performance.”

I think there's more to it than that. We know PMS exists and maybe our mental state has an impact on our training more than we know. I know there are a handful of times where I've had awful workouts and later realized that it was the day before my period. Usually bike rides and my power it just lacking. Or maybe I was just tired on those days and needed to rest/recover.
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Re: NYT article on athletic performance and the monthly cycle [GhiaGirl] [ In reply to ]
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I am totally with you.

I don't care how many studies they do saying our hormonal cycle has no bearing on our physical performance but I know that for two days a month I feel like I have been beaten up and am just plain tired. And, if there is one thing I have learned by being a part of many different and diverse groups of women (athletes, knitters, older and younger groups and etc) is that we are each profoundly different when it comes to our cycle and how our body reacts to it.

I have friends whose cycle is like a sneeze to them and others who feel like their whole world is caving in on the moon phase. I myself run the gamut with different symptoms every month and no set baseline for them (I call it the Yahtzee experience, roll the dice and see what you get).

The same can also be said for those who are peri-menopausal and menopausal and post-meno.... I am peri (and became so quite early at 39) and I know that it effects my performance in the gym and the ability to build muscle and overall performance when it isn't controlled.

Whether its mental or physical or better yet a combo of both I know from 25+ years of this (hormonal madness) that its not all in my head and that 24 hours between PMS and MS is a world of difference both in my attitude and mindset and most of all my commitment to my athletic pursuits.

Not to mention, try getting ready to compete on stage in less than 24 hours and you cannot for the life of you figure out why you cannot drop enough water and dry out so you can see better muscle def... compete at a level that is defined as "smooth" and not well defined and the next morning wake up and start your cycle.... talk about feeling like you were betrayed by your body.

I am an avid cyclist who is also the co-owner and buyer for Low Country Multisport a performance specific F.I.S.T. certified fit studio and repair shop in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina. And, I just happen to be married to a retired Marine who is completely addicted to the iron distance. "lord help my wallet!!"
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