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NEW LOW PRICE: Real Design SuperSonic Wheelset For Sale
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Wheelset For Sale, Great Deal for a Smart Buyer.

Carbon aero wheelset from Real Design, 700c. Never been ridden, taken from display bike I purchased on line. These wheels are too good for me and I am downgrading to a more all around training wheelset. These will make a great race set for a triathlon or time trial bike. Deep aero profile, lightweight with that smooth carbon ride and a great look! See detailed specs below.

Price: $800.00 U.S. (includes Vittorio Rubino Pro Slick tires).

Shipping Details: Customer pays for shipping. Will ship to U.S. and Canada.

Payment Methods: Only PayPal accepted.

LISTED ON EBAY: http://cgi.ebay.com/...eName=ADME:B:LC:US:1

Pictures available, e-mail me at Krista.Henderson@rogers.com

Real Design SuperSonic 40 Specs

Rims: 40mm one-piece molded carbon w/machine rim surface

Spokes: 14/17/14 butted DT straight pull

Hub: Aluminum

Skewers: Alum axle

Weight: 1613 grams

40 one-piece molded carbon rim
- Superior stopping power from machined rim surface
- Reduced drag from aero rim profile
- Holds trueness better than conventional rims because of reinforced carbon hoop

Butted DT spokes and machined nipples
- Easier maintenance and truing is provided by the DT machined nipples with threadlock
- Increased overall wheel strength with no windup from straight pull butted DT spokes
- Lightweight with reduced spoke count (20 front/ 24 rear)

Aluminum hub
- Silky smooth rolling action and zero maintenance is supplied by precision sealed bearings in front (2) and rear (4) hubs
- Simple serviceability of axle, bearings and free hub makes maintenance headache-free
- Component versatility is no problem with Shimano or Campy compatibility

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