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for sale/trade Azoto and MTB wheels
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looking to trade or sell a selle san marco azoto (steel rails--not ti) mounted once but otherwise brand new. It tok me about 15 miles to find out that this saddle just isn't my style. I'm looking for another saddle or some brake calipers (alla cervelo, veloce, 105, etc . . .).

Also a set of excellent mountainbike wheels--currently underused on my single speed. Mavic 217 SUP rims. Front wheel= radial lacing (superwide hub requires it--very strong because of the wide stance and large hub shell) specaialized chub front hub (32 hole) with scraxle. very light. Rear wheel=3x XT 8/9 spd hub (36 hole). Very light use on both wheels. Same trade rules apply.

I'm also willing to sell the whole bike cheap if anyone is interested (can be built up 8 spd xt)--however the wheels are the cream of the crop (rack not included in full bike sale).

Looking for a different saddle or brakes (or will trade + cash for frame--see my other thread). Otherwise looking to get ~$40 for the saddle or ~$100 for the wheels. email is causticmonkey@yahoo.com. Thanks, eddie.
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Re: for sale/trade Azoto and MTB wheels [YoEddie] [ In reply to ]
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bump, prices reduced. eddie.
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