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Developing a gym routine
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Ok friends I'm an idiot when it comes to the gym/weight lifting. For the last 10 months I have had a trainer design monthly workouts for me and after dropping 30 pounds and a whole lot of of lard it's probably time I start designing my own workouts and figuring this out.

The monthly workouts (doing them 3x a week for a month) are starting to get boring and I've also noticed that I'm not making as many strength gains because of muscle memory.

With that said, despite hitting the gym 3x a week I have never put together my own strength workouts, nor where to even start. With that said do you have a favorite workout you would like to share, or website/magazine where you get them?


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Re: Developing a gym routine [RunMomRun] [ In reply to ]
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I was a personal trainer for a while, and most basic programs are designed the same way. Please note that these are BASIC guidelines!

First, you need to hit all the major muscle groups. Those are:
Upper Body-

Lower body-
Abs (although these can be considered upper body)

OK, so that said, here are a few guidelines for designing strength programs:
-I've listed these in a specific order. You want to do the larger muscles before the smaller ones in a specific workout. Back is larger than biceps, so I listed them first.
-Some people do all UB one day, and LB the next, some people mix it up. Either is acceptable.
-Do abs last in your workout. There's a reason it's called your 'core'- they are used in pretty much every exercise to stabilize the motion. Doing abs first will weaken them for the rest of the workout, and may lead to injury doing another exercise.
-Try to leave at least 48 hrs between working any particular muscle group twice.

As for new exercises, just try googling "Back workout" or "bicep exercise" and you will get tons of ideas. myfit.ca has a decent database.
Good resources are certain books, specifically "strength training anatomy" http://www.amazon.com/...lavier/dp/0736041850
or the ACE manual (which is a huge book)

It's actually really worthwhile to consider doing a strength trainer course. It's usually a weekend or two (depending on where you live) and you will come away with so much knowledge. They are usually fairly reasonably priced, too.

You sound like you are not new to strenght workouts, and if you're on ST, then you probably have some endurance. I might suggest you try switching it up with some BOSU work (if you haven't already).

Good luck!


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Workout Routines [ In reply to ]
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Workout Routines
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