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marketing coordinator
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To assist in building the Intense brand and help keep the company moving forward with a uniform message. Provide sales/marketing materials for Intense dealers, distributors and reps to use to increase Intense’s market penetration.

job duties include:

1.) Print Creative
a. Catalog
b. Owners manual
c. Sales material, handouts, rep packets
2.) Demo Tour
a. Work with demo staff to schedule key events
b. Coordinate with reps to include key dealer stops
c. Work with media to promote the tour
3.) Ads Media
a. Design and create print/web ads
b. Coordinate ad buys
c. Work with magazine for editorial/reviews
4.) Web
a. Website creation and maintenance
b. Online forum maintenance, mtbr, ridemonkey, pinkbike, etc.
c. Social networking, myspace, facebook, twitter etc
5.) Owners group
a. Re-energize the Intense Owners Group
b. Repeat customer sales programs
c. Owner registrations
d. Organize owners weekend etc
6.) Trade Shows
a. Coordinate trade show needs
i. Media materials
ii. Booth needs
iii. Travel arrangements
7.) Teams and Sponsorship
a. Contact point for team riders
b. AP and product fulfillment
8.) Special Projects
a. Photos
b. video
c. Build up bikes as needed

position is based in Temecula CA.

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Re: marketing coordinator [paul cusick] [ In reply to ]
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Paul, I'd love to help you with photography when you get to that point. I have some exceptional samples I could pass on to show you the extreme quality of images I could provide you with. I have photographed for a number of Triathlon and athletic companies, with my most recent project the December Triathlete Magazine Cover photo.
Drop me a PM or respond to this post and I'll be in touch. Thanks!

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