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Help Wanted: USAT Resident Program Coordinator - Colorado Springs, CO
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Job Title: Resident Program Coordinator & Coach
Reports to: USA Triathlon Sport Performance Director

The Resident Program Coordinator & Coach is primarily responsible for the daily operations of USA Triathlon programs at the US Olympic Training Centers including, but not limited to, the facilitation of individual and group athlete training and the delivery of USOC / USAT performance services as prescribed by the athletes’ coaches as well as coordination of all USAT events taking place at US Olympic Training Centers.

Primary Responsibilities
· Work with the Sport Performance Director to coordinate the USA Triathlon resident athlete program including the creation of annual qualification criteria, the review of all applications for resident and short term training programs, the submission and administration of all accepted applications, regular athlete evaluations and reports, the scheduling of specialist coaches, as well as maintenance of USAT facilities and inventories of equipment.
· Coordinate and, in some cases, administer sport science services for USAT athletes in concert with the athlete’s personal coach and the USOTC staff.
· Attend competitions and training camps as assigned.
· Coordinate, plan and assist with coaching at any USAT training camps on location or away from the OTC.
· Schedule and coordinate all requests for OTC facility usage by USA Triathlon programs.

  • Bachelor’s degree in exercise science or related discipline. Physiology lab experience a plus.
  • Coaching certification from USA Triathlon, USA Swimming, ITU, or other national triathlon or swim, bike or run coaching certification program.
  • Swim or triathlon team coaching experience.
  • Facility and equipment management experience a plus.
  • Bike mechanic skills and experience a plus.
  • Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office applications, specifically Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to manage and complete multiple assignments at the same time, while still maintaining high levels of quality.
  • Ability to work, lead, and be led in a team environment. Comfortable presenting and teaching to small and large groups of individuals.

Compensation and Benefits
Part-time position located in Colorado Springs. Hourly rate commensurate with experience.

March 2009

Application deadline
February 20, 2009

Application procedure
Please send cover letter, resume, and salary history/requirements to (no phone calls):

USA Triathlon
Attn: Deby Williams
1365 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 250
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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Re: Help Wanted: USAT Resident Program Coordinator - Colorado Springs, CO [trischnitz] [ In reply to ]
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Sounds awesome! Too bad I'm currently finishing up my M.S. in Exercise Physiology
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Re: Help Wanted: USAT Resident Program Coordinator - Colorado Springs, CO [btmoney] [ In reply to ]
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no kidding, I'm drooling.

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