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I'm available: Sales Professional Colorado
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     My latest position was as independent national sales rep/ event sales for a large spa manufacturer. The spa business is in the toilet, and I am looking for a new home!
I am no stranger to lots of travel and my sales experience is vast. I am experienced in sales to the end user as well as to dealers. My job included special event sales, trade shows, home show and sales training.

I am a sales veteran who has proven his sales prowess again and again, with many different products. During this time, I spent many years on the retail sales floor. I have until recently spent considerable time occupying an entrepreneurial role, unfortunately my business endeavors have failed to provide me with the security I require to be truly happy.

After much consideration, I have decided to forgo any further business ventures in lieu of a career position. I wish to continue to grow and experience success in my professional life; I simply wish to minimize my personal risk.

I have in the last 3 years lost over 140 lbs, run seven marathons and become very active in the running and triathlon community.
My dedication to the goals I set is limitless. I have gone from selling mattress part time while attending college to owning a chain of thirteen retail sleep shops. My new career will be no exception to my focus and determination. Please feel free to call me with any questions. I have made many friends, and have many professional and personal references.

720-275-2197 irishsailsman@comcast.net
David Brent Clark

To be a part of a competitive team effort, with a large secure company.

2003-Present Independent Rep-Spa Industry Denver, C0
National Sales Representative
  • National event sales
  • Represented several manufactures and products
  • Sales and dealer Training
  • Highest grossing individual sales for Bullfrog Spas- National Record

2000-2003 The Mattress Factory Denver, Co
Managing Partner
  • Increased retail sales over 2 million dollars in first year
  • Hired and trained entire staff of 30 people
  • Implemented computer system networking 13 retail stores with distribution center

1996-2000 The Mattress Firm Denver, CO
Store Manager
  • Manager of the Year
  • National sales volume record for 300 store chain
  • Organize weekly sales meetings

1996-1999 University of Colorado Denver Denver, CO
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Biology.

Family, Running, Triathlon (any competition).

3x Leadville 100 (23:50) PR
Badwater 135 (41:24)
Lean Horse 100 (20:19)
Run Across Colorado 320 miles
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