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Saddle length differences
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Hi there-

I have a saddle I'm interested in trying, but it is about 12mm shorter than the existing saddle I have. I have Retul coordinates based on the longer saddle, and I'm wondering how to try to use this new saddle length to adapt to the fore aft & reach numbers.

Is it simply just adding 12mm from the reach for the shorter saddle, and for/aft of the existing saddle, or, should I measure based on the center of the saddles? Also, same goes for height. This saddle has about 8mm less vertical height. Do I just add the 8mm to the existing saddle height, or put the saddle height to the same as the existing?

I do not have any fitters in my area, and it's about a 3hr drive for the nearest one, so any input is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Saddle length differences [58teeth] [ In reply to ]
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Measure both saddles to find the 80mm wide point. Mark it with a bit of tape
Measure the height and the reach to the bars to that 80mm point
Match both numbers with the new saddle
Length is irrelevant - sitting point is the important factor. 80mm just gives you an approximation of where you will be contacting the saddle.

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