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Swapping BC as an athlete
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So...I've been very happily on Amethyst/Lybrel (combo levonorgestrol and ethinyl estradiol) for a long time - essentially since it was first released 15 years ago. I have been happy on it, and don't know anything different.

However, I am now nearly 48 and have migraines with aura. So I've been told it's time to switch because of the risk of stroke increasing as I age.

I was given a choice between an implant or Slynd, and decided to try Slynd (drospirenone) first (I'll take it continuously and skip the inert pills).

Anyone made the swap from a combo pill to progestin only? If so, what was your experience? I'm especially interested in thoughts about/experiences with changes in athletic performance.

I've been told that Amethyst/Lybrel is supposedly one of the worse pills for athletic performance, so I'm (perhaps naively) hoping that I may see some improvement, though I've never felt like Amethyst limited me (of course, I've been on it longer than I've been an athlete, so I don't know any different).
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