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How are you and how was your week? Oct. 4 Edition
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How are you? How was your week?

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
disclaimer: PhD not MD
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Re: How are you and how was your week? Oct. 4 Edition [Dr. Tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Started long term sub job last week & was worn out by all the stairs that I’m not used to, so only swam once. Ran once & biked once.
This week-our beaches are closed due to oil spill ☹️ & weather shut down the pool on Monday, so I will only get 1 swim this week, will try to run more than once, already ran once. Bike—interesting story there, today was California Clean Air day, promoting bike, walk or transit to work, so I rose to and from work today 20 miles each way, left at 5:45, took almost 2 hours (lots of stoplights) 7 I will probably ride again on Saturday.

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