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Re: ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro seems to have had a revelation. [CloversDad] [ In reply to ]
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Well I believe that the person with a platform owes some duty of courtesy to the people who give him/her a platform.

Now in the past 45 years, the Academy Awards have a speech-making platform for all sorts of causes.

I think such behavior is rude.

The Academy has put on the event and honored someone as best actress for work in a film. The purpose of the acceptance speech is to offer some short personal note and thank those that made the performance possible. Certainly the actress has the power, or the platform, to use the time to make a pitch for a good cause -- for instance, St. Jude's Children's Hospital. But regardless of how good the cause, making the pitch at that time is rude. That is not the purpose they are given the platform in that case.

Instead of using time during the acceptance speech for pitching St. Jude's, the Actress can donate money to St. Jude's to allow St. Jude's to run commercials to raise money. The Actress can appear in those commercials. There are many ways for the celebrity to support and promote the cause without appropriating time from the Academy Awards show.

For any cause favored by any celebrity, means exist, and have existed, that allow the celebrity to increase awareness of any important issues. Many do this all the time, lending their money, name, and appearances to causes. We see this when we get a direct mail letter about some cause. I see celebrities on TV commercials for all sorts of causes. That is the proper way to use their celebrity status to promote causes. It would also be quite fine to do this while appearing on Colbert's late night show. On these shows, celebrities are often asked, "you are involved with a charity, can you tell us a little about it?" That sort of thing is agreed with the host beforehand. Note, celebrities don't say, "I'm not going to talk about my new movie, I'm going to tell you about my cause instead."

So when a professional basketball player is interviewed after a game, the purpose of that particular platform is to talk about the performance and answer reporters questions. If he is asked, about some cause, I'm ok if he says, "I'm involved with XYZ cause, check my twitter for links and information." But to just start talking about his cause is rude.

That is why I am turned off by some athlete's behavior recently. That is why I'm turned off form the Academy Awards. Based on declining viewership, I'm likely not the only one.

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