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WTB fenix 5, maybe 5S
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did you get a fancy new gps watch for Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa /just because you are awesome? Want to shuck off a tiny bit from the piles of stuff you have? I'm your guy. Wanting to buy a well-functioning, but cosmetically average, fenix 5 or 5S. This is pretty
much how ly wife describes me so it should be a great fit. A 5S might even look better on my weirdly dainty wrists and no more Ironmans for me so nbd on the slightly shorter battery life. As long as it holds a charge. Prefer sedate colors (no gold/white) but if its just the band nbd.

$160 shipped in excellent shape. Train wreck $125? Needs sound ie unbroken glass please. Dont care about light to moderate scuffs, scratches etc.
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