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FS: Garmin (TACX) Neo Bike Smart Bike $2,000 (Austin, TX)
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$2,000 (retails $3,200)

Selling my Garmin (formerly TACX) Neo Bike. The main body of the bike is new as it was a warranty replacement directly from Garmin that I received about a week ago. The new model has the 175, 172.5 and 170 crank lengths (similar to the Wahoo bike) without using the adapter to get you there as was the case with the original Neo Bike.

The front end (handlebar, electronic shifters, storage tray, digital display, and dual fans) and the adjustable seatpost are a couple of years old.

Connects to third party apps like Zwift, Trainer Road, etc. and also has a bunch of available rides and other content through the TACX app. This thing is pretty awesome for Zwift as it simulates cobbles, wood, gravel, ice, dirt, concrete, hills and more with its "real road feel" technology. Great for anyone who does most of their training indoors.

I am selling to use the funds to buy a high-end tri bike as I already have a Wahoo Kickr as well and my wife won't let me keep both setups. Email me with any questions or for pictures. The bike can be shipped to the lower 48 states but it will cost around $250-300, so I would prefer to sell locally in Austin, TX (South Austin).

Thanks for looking!
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Re: FS: Garmin (TACX) Neo Bike Smart Bike (Austin, TX) [tdavey] [ In reply to ]
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Re: FS: Garmin (TACX) Neo Bike Smart Bike $2,000 (Austin, TX) [tdavey] [ In reply to ]
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Is your Neo still available? I'm local to Austin so I would be able to pick it up.

You mentioned that the front-end of the bike is a few years old? Is it still in relatively good condition? Also, I'm not too familiar with the trainer but I'm assuming the software is updatable so you're able to take advantage of new features. Can you confirm?

Finally, can you send any pictures?

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Re: FS: Garmin (TACX) Neo Bike Smart Bike $2,000 (Austin, TX) [Tomfo] [ In reply to ]
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Hi Tom,

The Neo Bike is still available, although I have another local interested party that reached out to me. I am out of town until Monday the 9th so can't show until then.

The front end is a couple of years old, but in good condition. The shifters, data screen, dual fans, USB chargers - all work as new, just have some signs of wear. The main body has less than 10 miles on it. The software is updated to latest firmware so has all the latest features. The firmware updates are super easy and quick via smartphone app.

I have a couple of pictures on my phone, but can take more once home. DM me your email address for pics.

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