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Experienced Sports Media Professional Available
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Hi folks, I’m posting on behalf of a friend, Emma Somerfield, who is currently running photography, video, social media and marketing for a high-end athlete training facility in Thailand. Her contract ends in October and she’s on the lookout for a new role as of November/December.

She would be a gigantic asset to any major sporting brand who need an artist, a technician, and someone who is totally quality focused.

I’ll add more info shortly once she’s had a chance to get info to me (she is EXTREMELY busy right now) but here are the key points:

- Former military combat photographer and videographer with naval, aviation, and SF support experience.
- Ran own videography business in Thailand and across EMEA for several years.
- Broadcast, press and online feature heavily.
- UK citizen and passport holder

LinkedIn profile is http://linkedin.com/in/emmasomerfield

I’m a friend, not a recruiter. If you’ve got anything, please contact Em directly via her LinkedIn or email at emmasomerfield@icloud.com


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