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custom bike brands
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i'm looking for a custom bike brand that is unique- NOT seven, independent, guru- any suggestions would be much appreciated
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Look at some of the exhibitors here (if you haven't already).


Naked Bikes on Quadra Island in B.C. make some beautiful rides. http://nakedbicycles.com/
Dekerf is in Ricmond, B.C.. http://www.dekerf.com/ Chris Dekerf has been making very good bikes for years. The website is dated, but if you call, Chris will usually answer the phone. I can testify to his great work.
Bilenky in Philadelphia, Carl Strong (Montana?), Eriksen (Kent Eriksen, founder of Moots Bikes), etc. There are so many in North America. I have two Gurus as well, but I think I understand your quest.
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Re: custom bike brands [JAG575] [ In reply to ]
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Road or Tri?
What sort of attributes in the frame are you looking for that is not addressed in the general production offerings? Unique could just mean it's pink flou, or not readily available in north america.

Here are so more:
Moots, handbuilt ti in Steamboat Springs
Cyfac, France

Anne Barnes
ABBikefit, Ltd
X/Y Coordinator
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