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Raleigh area women I need some help for the GF
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The girlfriend and I are moving to the area for the summer.

I know she's a bit apprehensive about this move since she only knows 2 people in the RDU area where as I know a ton.

If you're looking for a workout partner or know a group that is accepting of somewhat shy individuals either email me at accelerate3 at gmail.com or shoot me a PM with the details so I may pass them over to her.

I'm pretty sure she would be very happy to escape from my dude friends and I while learning some good training routes/places and meeting some awesome people.


Brian Stover
Accelerate3 Coaching
Insta Twitter Bike fitting & Aero testing April 20 & 21 at A2 wind tunnel

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Re: Raleigh area women I need some help for the GF [desert dude] [ In reply to ]
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Head over to one of the InsideOut sports shops (run and triathlon stores) and ask around.
Those people are really nice and have been in the area a long time.

Karen ST Concierge
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