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$50/month! 3P Training Systems - coaching in bike/run/swim/tennis/personal training/nutrition Orlando area system
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  3P Training Systems - coaching in cycling/swim/run/tennis/nutrition... - $50 (Clermont Winter Garden) 3P Training Systems
!First members sign up special!

At 3P Training Systems by Endurance Council, we are offering a revolutionary all in one training system for endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, health seeking individuals and those that just want to up their level of competitiveness. We also know that finding a single coach that simply writes you a training plan and you seldom or never see (usually an email coach) still starts at $150/month and a personal trainer tends to be $70/session. Our goal is to CRUSH that norm and offer you complete training plans (day to day) with weekly, sometimes daily face time with our coaches all starting at $50/month!!!! And this price is locked in for the first 20 members that sign up! Prices only increase if you need individual coaching vs. group coaching!
Here's our programs (upgrades not listed, inquire):

1. Cycling specific training program: $50/month and includes up to 5 group coached classes per week, training program emailed weekly, 1 day field test to determine personal training zones. Coach: Jeff Currier

2. Swimming specific training program -- $50/month. Learn proper form by a highly experienced and qualified coach. Weekly workouts emailed and 1 face time swim lesson per week. Coach: Karleen Dawson

3. Running specific training program - $50/month. Group coached run sessions at track and out and back courses. Training plan emailed weekly. 1-3 workouts offered per week! Coach: Todd Lytle

4. Group Personal Training program(individual also available) - $50/month. Get into some serious total body shape no matter your current fitness level. Weather you're wanting to increase your power and strength for athletics, look super fit and healthy or lose a little weight that you've been struggling with, this program can and will do it for you. Weekly class with our highly qualified and experienced personal trainer. Weekly workouts emailed. Personal Trainer: Virginia Hannon

5. Tennis lessons - $30/lesson if you are a part of 3PTS in another training program, $35/lesson otherwise. 1 hour duration. Learn every aspect of form and skill by a leading tennis pro. Coach: Karleen Dawson

6. NUTRITION PROGRAM - $20/month with purchase of any program above or $30/month by itself. Our on staff nutritionalist will create a food and nutrition plan for you, meet with you 1-2 times a month, email you weekly with updates and review! Tell her your goals and the plan will be catered to your nutritional needs weather it's athletics, general health or weight loss and management! Nutritionalist: Marie Sanchez

7. Pick three special! Weather you're a triathlete wanting a program that covers cycling/running/swimming or you want to mix in any of our programs (minus tennis), you can do this with even more of a savings! $150/month covers three of the programs (cycling, running, swimming or personal training) and the nutrition part is thrown in at no extra charge!!!!

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