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I'm available. Recent M.Sc graduate (Ontario)
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I have just graduated from Queen’s University with a M.Sc (Pharmacology and Toxicology) and have a B.Sc (Hons) in Life Science (with distinction). My M.Sc research focused on evaluating the possibility that a novel vascular controller could be used to phenotype blood vessels. Briefly, oscillations of vascular tone were mathematically quantified in various cardiovascular disease states known to result in vascular structural changes.

I have also been heavily involved in both varsity sports, as a member of the Queen’s triathlon, cross country running, swim teams, a three time member of the Canadian National Triathlon Team at the World University Championships, as well as volunteering in the Kingston community. I volunteered as a Boy Scout Leader, tutored elementary students in math and helped coach the Queen’s Triathlon Team.

I am currently looking at market research, however I am open to almost anything right now, I did well in my M.Sc, but I did not enjoy it enough to continue into a PhD. I am flexible in what I do, love to learn, and have a broad background in experience to draw on. If anyone has any contacts or ideas please PM me, I would love to talk.

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