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FS: Garmin Training Bundle (Edge 510 + Fenix 5)
Have a few units that are gathering dust after recent upgrades. Would be great if someone is able to use them...

Edge 510 has seen ~3 years use. Holds charge for ~6-7 hrs. depending upon how many sensors are connected. No significant issues other than the fact it's a bit older.

Fenix 5 was used for 2 years. Holds charge for 7-8 days depending upon use - prior to upgrading I was training ~10 hrs. p/week and only charged it 1x p/week.

$250 for both (OBO) - $125 for Edge 510 / $175 for Fenix 5

Images available here: https://drive.google.com/...2XNhAjxz?usp=sharing
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