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Re: Official Giant Trinity Advanced Owners Thread [TulkasTri]
I just picked up my 2017 Advanced Pro from the bike shop where I paid to have Di2 installed. I provided the schematics from the GIANT manual on how to route Di2 cables and the required lengths and asked them to route the wires internally as shown. When I went to pick up my bike today, this is what I got back. The tech said that he tried to route the cable internally through the handlebars and the stem, but that there was no way to get the cable back to the bento box, so he did it as shown below. From everything I've seen, I thought that there was a way to route the Di2 cables through the aerobar, around the neck and below the stem and up into the bento box. Could anyone tell me or provide a photo of how you were able internally route the Di2 cable? I'm happy that Di2 works on my bike, I just thought it was going to look like the other Trinitys that I saw.
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