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Re: Hip Labrum Repair - How long did yours last? [DrAlexHarrison]
DrAlexHarrison wrote:
If you had a hip labrum repair, how long did you reap the benefits of a more stable pain-free hip.

How much did you run after surgery? How much riding?

How soon after surgery did you work up to these amounts?

My surgery was in February 2011. Started PT pretty quickly after the surgery, which was very important. No weight on it at all for six (or maybe eight) weeks, and I started walking then running in May, and did my first triathlon in July. I was swimming about two weeks after surgery (single leg wall push-offs are a bitch), riding my trainer maybe four weeks later. I've never been a high-mileage runner, so probably no more than 20 miles in a given week. I did do over 8,000 miles on the bike in 2021, ten years later.

It has been good-to-go ever since: completely stable, but an occasional bit of bursitis that is never limiting or painful. Even my surgeon (who is himself an Ironman triathlete) was pleasantly surprised that it has worked out so well! Now, that torn meniscus in my knee in the other leg, that's a different story...

(edit: I'm about to turn 64)

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