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Re: Lucy isn't showing up on start lists and is pretty quiet on SM [Waingro]
Waingro wrote:
. . . I suspect that means she can manage her schedule with no mind for hitting incentives based on winning second tier races, etc. If she doesn’t need to train by racing, she’ll be good to go.

Even the best athletes don't do a 'start the season' race to 'hit incentives'. They race one to see where they are, validate the winter months of training, check nutrition and eating regimes, and remind their bodies what 'full on' racing is like: a key part of preparation for the hard yards in the first 'A' race of the year. And because they enjoy racing: or is that a 'need' you think she hasn't got @Waingro ?
And to make some money, which means Miami was a bummer for Sala, Pallant and Sodaro.
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