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Re: Atrial fibrillation as a athlete. [Amnesia]
Amnesia wrote:
Kirch wrote:
a large volume of work with little recovery ,high carb diet , too much caffeine , using fish oil supplements are all things I did that I think triggered this event.

be cautious and await proper specialised assessment before overthinking too much about what could have caused all of this etc.
Wishing you all the best.

So much this.

I've been battling afib the past several years. Got it diagnosed on this forum and then confirmed by cardiologist. I was in persistent afib 24/7 for 1.5 years before getting a cardioversion. No hint of it for 7 months then it came back two days after an intense 100 mile ride with a hard crash at mile 65. Off and on for next 4 months and my EP wants me to have an ablation. But then it subsided and as of today have only been in afib for 8 hours in the past 3 months.

Get some real info. We all speculate on triggers and causes, but we don't really know.

I got off all caffeine, which make sense, but studies have actually shown less afib with caffeine, so who knows.

Meat is supposedly a known trigger, the keto diet specifically has shown correlation to afib, probably because it has been shown to increase inflammation. But who knows if that's significant, there's so much uncertainty. I still eat meat and will until they pry it from my cold, greasy hands.

Have not heard of high carb causing afib. The low-carb people claim carbs cause all the problems in the universe and saturated fat will forgive all your iniquities and heal all your diseases, so I'd check the source of that, but maybe it's true.

At this point all the diet and lifestyle connections to afib are somewhere between weak correlations and speculation.

There's lots of info out there, some of it solid, some of it goofy with an agenda. I have several afib books, but the one I'd recommend is Restart Your Heart by Aseem Desai (https://draseemdesai.com/ ).

Keep pestering your doctors. I went to a cardiologist. He was going to schedule me for a cardioversion but my next visit I was not in afib and he was like "great, you don't need to see me for a year". A week later I went back into afib and was in afib continuously for months and kept contacting him and he told me all was good because it was "well controlled". As I read more about it, it seemed afib begets afib and it's not good to stay in it. Finally he transferred me to an EP who had me get a cardioversion.

A colleague who just walked past my door had an ablation two months ago and is doing great. I think of that as a last resort, but maybe I shouldn't be resistant. But again, I've been in sinus rhythm for all except one night the past 3 months.
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