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Re: Atrial fibrillation as a athlete. [Kirch]
I was just in A fib for the first time a week ago Friday

Woke up at 4 AM. Heart beat a big BOOM followed by nothing then regular beat. Over and over

Went to fire Dept at 9 AM. They do free EKGs. At first they said pulse was 80 but EKG showed 175. First thing they said was it looked like I was dehydrated.

Wanted to give me cadizen drug to convert me and take to emergency. I opted to drive 10 mins home and have my wife drive me.

I took the EKG test strip with me.

By the time I got to the hospital I was converted. All sorts of tests Blood pressure high at 152/90.

Blood test showed high BUN and something else high both indicating dehydration.

Thought back over the past few days. Urine was a bit darker. Was wearing a wetsuit while swimming in a pool. Drank a ton of water but obviously not enough. Swimming I was getting my heart rate to 160, I am 60 years old

Biking inside the last few days hours on end. At a Low heart rate 120 max. But swearing more than usual Morning heart rate had been a few beats higher than normal.

I had a followup visits with the cardiologist yesterday
So here I am calcium test scheduled.

Stress test scheduled

Echocardiogram scheduled

Lipids blood test scheduled

Pulse is back to normal but
Have pounding heart feel for hours at a time
Blood pressure ranges from 135/83 to 107/73

I bought Kardia from Amazon for $75 it is a home EKG test for A Fib. Cardiologist said it is reliable

I stopped all caffeine and extra salt hoping it will help. Feel shaky and anxious as the day goes on

Swam 1200 yards yesterday and today kept heart rate below 130. Usually do 4200 4x/week. But it didn’t feel easy doing just 1200

Still leery to go back to biking

Dr says no need to severely limit salt said I can have coffee and can go back to exercising as I was. But I am very hesitant to do that

Sleep has become bad. Waking up every couple hours with pounding heart feeling. Check heart rate, EKG and blood pressure. All are good but still pounding heart

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea years ago but couldn’t figure get mask to stay on.

Now I have disciplined myself to sleep on my side so am getting a cpap machine next week

Getting 5.5 hours of sleep since the incident VS 9 hours before all of this

Emotional and me I feel completely fine for most of the day. But the last few days I was feeling scared, depressed and anxious and shaky. don’t know why as I really have a stress feee life

Retired, financially set for life, great marriage. Great relationship with my grandchildren and children so I don’t know what is causing this

Hope this helps

BTW how do you know you were in Afib?

How did you convert on its own?
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