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Oura ring Gen 2, size 9
I recently upgraded my Oura ring to Gen 3 and had only had this Gen 2 ring for about 3 months - it works perfectly and has been reset to the original factory settings. I moved to the Oura after about 2 years of using a Whoop band to track sleep. I feel that the Oura is better for tracking sleep & recovery than the Whoop band.

Comes with what is shown. Ring + charger. Note that the new Gen 3 ring is going to require a subscription and the Gen 2 does not. There are things that the Gen 3 can do that the Gen 2 can't, but honestly those "upgrades" didn't seem important to me - I just have an addiction to new things.

I paid $300 for it, and that's what a new Gen 3 costs + the subscription.
Selling for $130 shipped.

If you are unsure if the size 9 works for you, I have the Oura sizing kit, so I could ship you the size 9 sizing ring to verify sizing upon receipt of payment. If the size 9 doesn't work, send the kit back and I will refund payment. If the size 9 works, then at that point I will ship the actual ring.

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