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FS: Cervélo P4 Frameset 54cm
The time has come to say goodbye to my beloved P4. I love that thing, the bold design that screams unadulterated speed but also a healthy dose of DILLIGAF (google it haha). My last ride on it was a 5:07 ironman split on 195W normalized with about 0 meters of elevation (Challenge Almere), so aero really is a thing. But after a number of years of tweaking the position I have had to admit 54cm is just too small for me- teetering on the edge of the minimum seatpost insert and a 120mm stem, things like that.

So in order to pay for its replacement, it's up for sale. Just the frameset; the gruppo is already transplanted. I'm looking for US$2000 + shipping from Ontario, Canada to Canada or CONUS. Local pickup in the K/W-Toronto area also possible.

For that money you get:
- The frame. It's definitely been ridden but it's still true.
- OEM 3T Auro Pro aerobar
- Two forks. One slammed, one cut higher up, accommodating about 25mm of spacers. If you need more steerer tube this is not the bike for you.
- TriRig Omega brakes both front and rear. The rear is installed using Alex Arman's adapter plate, which I have a spare for which is also included.
- OEM 3T stem. 90mm I believe.
- Two OEM "waterbottles". One, the original one, cut open and used for flat kit storage, one unused. This one was one of the last three Cervélo had in its warehouse a couple of years ago.
- Seatpost and two saddle clamps. My original seatpost had developed a crack (did I tell you I had to ride it on the edge of the minimal insert?) and I got a replacement off the P3 of a friendly gent in Nova Scotia.
- Wheels Mfg DUB bottom bracket. If you want I can have this removed prior to shipping. I had 12sp SRAM AXS installed which I would recommend.

If you are interested I can give you a quote for shipping.

Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/omPxuWYE4rnYsFXE9

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