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Re: How are you and how was your week? Sept. 27 Edition [Dr. Tigerchik]
I didn't set any goals lsat week but enjoyed hearing Bing Tri's is now a foster parent, and others' good stuff :-)

I've just been trying to manage my anxiety. I needed to let a bit of tendon irritation settle down in my foot - this started when I got back to running - so I just swam and rode last week.

M - 4500m swim, 15 mi bike
T - 2400m swim, 21 mi bike
W - 6700m swim
T - 43 mi ride
F - 4200m swim, 4 mi walk
S - 68 mi ride
S - 1500m swim, 1 mi walk

#1 goal this week is healthy coping. Second goal this week is 3-4 mi run every other day (this was the MD's suggestion this morning and he is a foot specialist and a runner; he was great!) and otherwise do stuff that keeps me healthy. Other goal is my hip exercises 6x.

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
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