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Re: An open letter to Rick Roberts of KFMB (San Diego cyclists, read this) [bcreager]

You heard correctly. As did I. No, Rick never said,"Go out and run over cyclists." He did continuously insult cyclists and rant in an anti-cycling manner that could encourage drivers to take "opportunities" to have accidents w/ cyclists. That's MY beef. You know, any of those radicals that are fed up and just looking for some twisted excuse to believe they are doing no wrong by it. I doubt there are any of those radicals that listen to his show, NOT. You don't need to specifically give someone an order just to plant an idea in his or her head. RR's comments are no help in making things safer for anyone. This man has a show that gives him the power to reach and influence people with his rantings. Someone needs to pull his choker.

As I posted yesterday, I emailed a couple of cycling advocate sites. www.cicle.org being on of them. Take a look over there and see what they have to say.

In case you're looking RR... Bend over I would LOVE to make you my FOOT ornament. OVER and OVER!!!!!!

That was satire you know...

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