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Re: Nerve? Pain Down There During and Post Ride [Sabz17]
Sabz17 wrote:
Hi there,

First time posting anything here. I have been riding for 10 years and suddenly have developed pretty intense pain in the saddle area during but, mostly post ride. It feels like a carpet burn but there is no visible injury to the area. I've had saddle sores before and while they feel similar, I've always been able to see them. I've gone to a dermatologist about it and she agrees that she does not see anything on the skin and thinks its nerve damage. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I've been prescribed some nerve blockers but it hasn't improved things. Other information that may be helpful to know: I've had the same saddle for 2 years and only just developed this about 4 months ago, I primarily ride on the trainer, riding on a tri bike, the carpet burn-like feeling lasts generally the entire day and keeps me from being able to wear underwear. I have a race coming up in September and I literally can't stand riding my bike. Any thoughts appreciated!

If it is nerve pain, it's due to pressure on the nerve whilst riding (like pins and needles if you sit on your foot for a while). Nerve blockers won't prevent that, all they might do is stop you feeling the irritation. You need to relieve the pressure - new saddle, new shorts, different saddle position etc. Bike fit?
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