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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CFR, CF SLX, and CF (disc & rim brake) [JStef]
Hi Ian,

I'm considering purchasing a Canyon TT/Tri bike and was hoping I can get some advice on the sizing/fit.

I was able to place an order of the Speedmax CFR TT Disc bike.... in size small a while ago. However, it won’t ship until the end of July at the earliest and I could still cancel it. For many reasons, I’m not 100% sure if this is the ‘best’ bike to purchase but then given the inventory issues all the bike brands seem to be having, I’m somewhat tempted to go ahead with the order.

.... I’m 173cm tall and my inseam is only 76cm. Based on the measurements, Canyon would recommend size XS for the triathlon Speedmax. However, I do not want to buy size XS as it comes with 27.5” wheels. So the question is: would size S still work for me?

On my current TT bike setup....saddle is 695mm high (I’m using 172.5mm cranks), the armpad stack is 551mm and the armpad reach about 430mm. The saddle is almost all the way to the front (not UCI legal as the tip of the saddle is almost exactly in line with the bottom bracket). It is a fairly aggressive setup, however, I feel comfortable on the bike and can spend 3+ hours in this position without any major discomfort. I would like to aim for a similarly aggressive position on my new bike as I mainly do shorter time trials and no triathlons at this point.

All my current bikes are equipped with 172.5mm cranks and I always liked them. I would consider going to 170mm cranks (but probably not 165mm). So my thinking is that 170mm cranks should allow me to move my saddle up by 2.5mm and this would effectively increase the drop from the saddle to the armpads. I would still be some ways from my current saddle-to-armpad drop but slightly less so.

I’d be happy to get your thoughts and if you think size S is a viable option.

Thank you very much in advance,

Thanks for meeting me here to discuss. If I were to just take the numbers: Seat Height 695, Pad Y 551, Pad X 430 and apply them to the CFR..you could fit on a size small, with the short stem and absolutely, rock-bottom slammed and the Pad X is right in the middle so you've got lots of fore/aft options. The pads will not be at 551 - as you've already surmised - they will be more like 559. I'm impressed that you have considered shorter cranks and how they might improve the fit on this bike...however, I want you to go further. There's great value in shorter cranks and not just to solve your drop, they will free up your hip angle and you'll be faster. That's it. I know it might seem counter intuitive but you'll make more power with 165s than with 170s.

My advice is to keep the order, accept the bike, put some 165s on there and fly.


Ian Murray
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